Green Building Training Room | Enterprise & Development Consultants
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Design and Space

Meeting Room, U-Shape Meeting, Classroom Setup

Green Building’s meeting room is …square meters of spacious, bright, and elegant space. It is designed to entertain up to 35 attendees. The meeting room is equipped with the latest amenities including high-speed wireless internet access, on-location technical’s support, air conditioning, and audio-visual equipment, and on-site parking.

Visual and Audio Equipment

All the equipments are on a ready to use setup with tech support on stand-by!

Mixer with Bluetooth, USB, and Aux cord connection.

Speakers that are flexible to move around if needed.

LCD Projector on the ceiling and the screen attached to the wall. Controlled with a remote control.

Sherman Microphones with stand.

Other Amenities

All the equipments are on a ready to use setup with tech support on stand-by!

Black, red, and blue markets – 12 units of any combination preferred.

A0 sized paper – 5 units per day

Two pin boards

Attention demanding bell

Coffee Break

Morning and Afternoon coffee breaks are 6 USD per day.

Lipton tea and Dao coffee are offered throughout the day.

During the morning break, there are 2 types snacks ad one type of fruit offered.

For the afternoon break, there are 2 types of fruits and juice offered.

Lunch Break

There are five menus that are offered.

Lunch is 9 USD per person.

Steamed rice and sticky rice are offered regardless of the menu choice.