Supervisor Leadership Training Course for Staffs Development in Garment Industry | Enterprise & Development Consultants
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Supervisor Leadership Training Course for Staffs Development in Garment Industry

EDC consultants, Ms. Thiphaphone Phetmany and Mr. Thone Boungvatthana,

were invited by Garment Skills Development Centre (GSC) to lead the implementation of the training course on “Supervisor Leadership”. GSC is a training centre of Association of the Lao Garment Industry, funded by Trade Development Facility (TDF), financed by AusAid, EU and administered by the World Bank. Members of Association who interested sent their staffs (senior supervisors, newly appointed, potential to promote to be a supervisor position and key person in an organisation) to participate the training course.

The training course was designed into 9 days program and divided into 3 modules (3 days for each module).  The course was designed to have interval time from one module to another in the duration of 2 weeks. During the interval time, participants will have chance to practice their new skill and knowledge on leadership and share their practices experiences in the next module. All 3 modules were organized in 11 – 13 February, 25 – 27 February, and 14 – 16 March. During the course, participants learned what good leader should do and should not do, emotional intelligence, motivation, delegation, time management, situational leadership, problem solving skill, leading through change process, etc.

Participants expressed high appreciation to the course and found that the training course provide solutions for their position.