Enterprise & Development Consultants | What we do
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What we do

The Best Solution For Your Business

Focused on results, we specialize in management training and consultancy

in various aspects of the business.


    • SMEs, Startups, and Entrepreneurs
    • Growth and Scaling Solutions
    • Surveys and Analytics
    • Impact, Policy, and Reforms

    • Leadership and Strategic Actions
    • Learning Journeys and Implementation
    • Planning for Innovations
    • People Management and Administration
    • Developing Innovation Enablers (Trainers, Coaches, Mentors, and Facilitators)
    • CEO Coaching

    • Design, Feasibility, Proposal, and Investment Writing
    • Digital Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Innovative Funding and Financing
    • Training for Impact

    • Special Events, Summits, and Conferences
    • Payrolls and Business Processes
    • Translations and Interpretations
    • People Recruitment

Additional Services

  • Rent out Meeting Room

    We offer a small room for up to 12 people (100 USD/day) and a bigger room for 30 people (150 USD/day). The rooms comes with a LCD projector as well as a screen. We also offer a white board, flip chard, and pin board along with high speed Wi-Fi, microphone, drinking water and stationary.

  • Translation And Interpreters Services

    Upon request, we also offer translations and interpreters as well as note taking.

  • Catering Services

    Lunch (your own choices) for 8 USD/person/day and two coffee breaks with a menu of your own choice for 6 USD/person/day