Year in Review: Our Top 5 Highlights of 2022 | Enterprise & Development Consultants
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Year in Review: Our Top 5 Highlights of 2022

From new customer relationships to branching out our services, this past year has been a fruitful one for us at EDC, with growth opportunities, unwavering support for our clients, and a deeper connection with our community. As 2022 ends, we wanted to reflect on some of our most notable moments of the past year as we look forward to what the new year will bring.

Enabling Enterprises with Brand Redesign: EDC worked with Anouvong Marketing Solution to rebrand Yordxam’s brand identity by giving them a new look in terms of logo, brand font, brand colors, and a specific brand message. Yordxam Enterprise works with local farmers from Huaphan province to deliver rice grains of various varieties. In this project, we focused on Khao Kai Noi rice to be accredited by Geographical Indication (GI). This certification assures the customers that this variety of rice can be produced only in two provinces of Laos. To showcase the company’s profile, we made a presentation pitch that Yordxam can use for their future investors as well as to display on their website.

Enabling Enterprises by Building resilience during and after the COVID-19 pandemic training course and delivery of training sessions for 242 participants who attended the training. The majority of participants are members of the Lao Business Women’s Association. The training was conducted online at the EDC meeting room and on-site training at the meeting room of the KC Building and Savannakhet PNCCI. We have 6 topics such as Introduction to Business Planning, Introduction to Financial Planning, adapting your Business, Building an Online Presence and Selling Online, Video Editing Techniques and Business Branding, and Preparing for the Exhibition from 14 march to 24 April 2022.

Enabling organizations with ToT on Master trainer, Facilitator, and Leadership Management: Training of Trainers (ToT2) was implemented for the three partner Ministries of GIZ- Land Management and Decentralized Planning Project (GIZ-LMDP3): Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Agricultural Land Management (MAF-DALAM), Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), and Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MONRE). In each group of the three partner Ministries, there were also participants from the associated working partners of the Ministries, they were from academic institutions including the National University of Laos and Polytechnic College. Altogether there were 43 participants of whom 16 were Training Managers (TM) and 37 were Master Trainers (MT) representing the three training institutions of the three partner Ministries. The objective was for the TM to be capable of initiating new training topics and designing the program, identifying the TNA tool, and source, and manage in-house trainers/resource persons and from professional networks elsewhere, planning for an appropriate training venue, and training budget, identifying the monitoring and evaluation tools for the program and drafting the action plan for ways forwards. The MT will be able to develop the training materials, use effective training methods and visualizations, and deliver the training topics with confidence and assurance of participants’ active engagement. The design of the second ToT is largely based on the results of the Training Need Assessment the team in charge from EDC conducted with the potential participants from the three respective Ministries in the early stage of the program, using a structured questionnaire form. This was in addition to consultation with the Technical Advisors from GIZ and the representatives from the partner Ministries for a better understanding of the needs of the trainees who are potential Training Managers, and Master Trainers.

Enabling Project with Project Evaluation: In the past year, EDC has provided an evaluation service to various clients in collaboration with international experts. The evaluation is for different types of projects ranging from land governance to educational projects. The mission is to evaluate the implementation and impacts of each project by interviewing involved stakeholders and beneficiaries. EDC has been involved in desk research in the Lao context, supporting the questionnaire formulation, interviewing target participants at all levels from implementing agencies to beneficiaries, and contributing to reporting writing.

Business Outsourcing with Event Management: The K-Innovation Partnership Program of Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) supports the development of the National STI Master Plan of Lao PDR; the capacity building for STI Policy Plan and Implementation; and knowledge exchange in the STI development and policy issues in Korea and Lao PDR.  Under this K-Innovation Project 2022, several events were organized, they were including the kick-off meeting and training workshops in Lao PDR and in Korea, follow-up meetings and feed-backings online and off-line, and the dissemination workshop of the National Master Plan for STI R&D and Application in Lao PDR 2020-2022. We were commissioned to manage the events for the entire project. EDC coordinated and liaised with concerned stakeholders, facilitated the logistics and administrations in the organization of the events, took minutes, conducted feedback surveys, and promoted the events.