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Training on Increasing Entrepreneurial skills

Enhancing Nutrition of Upland Farming Families (ENUFF) is a project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. The goal of the project is to improve family and child nutrition in remote and ethnically diverse upland farming communities through improved feeding, caregiving and dietary practices, reduced incidence of WASH related diseases, improved availability and accessibility of diverse nutritious foods, and a conducive institutional framework at the sub-national level. ENUFF is at its phase II of implementation. The focus of the phase II is on improving nutrition of women and children through self-production and improving incomes of the families. In this context, the project has considered in improving entrepreneurial skills of the selected families in starting/improving their micro agro-enterprises to get better access to market. Thus, EDC was contracted to develop and deliver training courses on Entrepreneurship skills development. 

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